All our services come with a wash and style – we want to make sure you leave Astonishing Hair feeling as good as you look.

Prices are listed for both our Emerging and Senior Stylists. Our emerging stylists have less experience but work under the guidance of our senior stylists to produce exceptional results. All our stylists have a passion for producing the best results, and you can rest assured that the quality will never be compromised.

Please ask for a no-obligation consultation to confirm the cost of your service, as costs may vary depending on the length, thickness and condition of your hair.

Cuts (incl.Wash and Style)

  Emerging StylistSenior Stylist
Children (1-7 years)from2525
Children (7-12 years)from3030
Teenager (13-16)from6060
Fringe Trimfrom1515

Blow Wave / Styling

Short Hairfrom45
Medium Hairfrom55
Long Hairfrom65
Extra Long Hairfrom75

Chemical Treatments

Perfection Smoothoutfrom200


  Emerging StylistSenior Stylist
Regrowth Tintfrom6580
Full Colour, Short Hairfrom7590
Full Colour, Medium Hairfrom85100
Full Colour, Long Hairfrom95110

Creative Colour

Colour CorrectionPOA
Toner with Colourfrom30

Formal Styling

Formal Stylingfrom90

Hair Extensions


Hair Treatments

Moisture Repair15
Nevo Hydra Pearls5
Pravana Nevo10
Reconstructive Treatment30
Shine Temptress35
Silk Degrees90
ULuxury Treatment25
ULuxury with Nevo Hydra Pearls30

Highlights / Foils

  Emerging StylistSenior Stylist
3/4 Foils - Short Hairfrom100125
3/4 Foils - Medium Hairfrom110135
3/4 Foils - Long Hairfrom125150
Full Head - Short Hairfrom110135
Full Head - Medium Hairfrom125150
Full Head - Long Hairfrom140165
Half Head - Short Hairfrom75100
Half Head - Medium Hairfrom90115
Half Head - Long Hairfrom105130
Up to 6 Foilsfrom3045

All prices are in $AUD and inclusive of GST.
Prices are effective as of July 01, 2017 but are subject to change without notice.
Prices may vary from the listed value upon a complete consultation with our stylists.
Services listed as POA (Price On Asking) are highly personalised and customised to your requirements. As such, a complimentary consultation is required before an accurate quote can be provided.

Complimentary consultations available. 24hr cancellation notice required.